The Ultimate Drinks and Nibbles


Who needs to go out when you can make something equally as restaurant-worthy at home? Don't get me wrong, I love getting dressed up and going out for a meal at an old fave, or trying somewhere new. Couple cocktails at a rooftop bar? Yep, I'm in. But sometimes... Sometimes it's nice to kick back in the comfort of my own home – or a friends' – ditch my shoes and just chill. Here's proof you can make something super Insta-worthy without going further than your local grocer...

The Food

I'm not that much of a cook but I do love a good platter. A few good quality morsels from somewhere like The Standard Market Company. I'm talking King Island blue cheese (my absolute fave); Mersey Valley cheddar; blue cheese stuffed green olives (seeing a trend here?); muscatels (dehydrated grapes. Yep, I learnt something new too); a white bean / truffle dip to die for; fresh fruit – grapes, white nectarines and pears; almonds; and an assortment of yummy crackers.


The Drinks

We kept it super simple with our take on a Gin Fizz: apple and grapefruit juice, a splash of soda water and some good old fashioned Hendricks. Garnish with slices of lemon and thyme or rosemary. Easy peasy.

A cocktail party of any size wouldn't be complete without some jewels.. so ya know...

Styling and photography: Ruth Stephensen